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Meet Chef Reneise

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Chef Reneise Ross has been in a relationship with food since she was five years old. Some of her fondest memories are being in the kitchen with her great grandmother, Lillian, who is her core inspiration. She adopted the nickname “little monkey” from Lillian whose term of endearment for Reneise was "SugarFoot". Grandmother Lillian would always enter the kitchen to find Reneise either sitting on the counter or on top of the refrigerator, happily waiting for her to come into their fairytale land and create magic!  


I discovered my gift at a young age and, for some reason, at that age I was wise enough to know that my gift was my passion and that I had to follow it. I never had to wander through life wondering what I wanted to do or to be. I don’t remember ever wanting to do anything but cook, and I never wanted to be anything but a chef," says Reneise. 


As she grew older, Reneise continued to love food, cultivating her talents and pursuing Culinary Arts school where she graduated in 2008. Soon after, she took her talents abroad to hone her craft in Paris, France and Cortona, Italy. Knowledgeable in both food and desserts, Chef Reneise masters the complete kitchen experience.  Her specialty areas are International Cuisines, and what she loves to call “Clean Specialty Desserts” and “Hearty & Healthy Meals.”


Her cooking style and personality in the kitchen includes high enthusiasm with extreme attention to detail. Chef Reneise puts passion into every dish she prepares. You’re drawn in by the visual appeal and presentation of her dishes, the aroma excites and entices your appetite, her food textures are guaranteed to caress and please the palate, and those who experience her provision are always left wanting more!


I believe that food is one of the most enjoyable things in life. I take food to new heights…my food is sexy!” says Reneise. 


In her career to date, Chef Reneise has achieved an applaudable level of success. In true Chef Reneise fashion, Ensayne Provisions (EP) is a tribute to her late godfather Ensayne Wayne who passed away in 2018. Like her great-grandmother, he motivated her constantly and pushed her to pursue purpose above all. EP is a powerhouse encompassing SugarFoots, which specializes in Clean Desserts and Specialty Dessert Cakes; Lillian’s, which specializes in Caterings and Events; EPMeals, which offers meal prep; and the Chef Reneise brand, which offers personal chef services and restaurant consulting services.


As a Personal Chef, she has worked with various public figures including  A-list entertainers and athletes. Reneise took part in a catered fundraising event for former President, Barack Obama. She has also assisted in the preparation and execution of the 2013 Inaugural luncheon. She was also an audition finalist for the acclaimed television show, Hell’s Kitchen with award-winning Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Chef Reneise was voted Best Pastry Chef at Erling Jensen’s in Memphis, a well-known restaurant that holds the award for Best Restaurant in Memphis for the past ten years. Regardless of her mainstream success, and no matter how booked her calendar may be, Chef Reneise always designates time to give back. An enthused philanthropist, Chef Reneise volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club in Memphis with her Chef for a Day program and cooks for families and children at the Ronald McDonald House in her hometown.


As she continues her career path, Chef Reneise has goals to continue building her brand and expanding her empire from cookbooks to television programming and owning her own restaurant. The possibilities are literally endless for this passionate, self-proclaimed lover of all things culinary.



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